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Ford 6.0L V8 F-250/F-350 Cold Air Intake (2002-2007)

Product Features

  • Ford 6.0L V8 F-250/F-350 Cold Air intake for 2002-2007 Model Years
  • Ford F250 Cold Air Intake (also fit F350)
  • Easy installation (no drilling or cutting required)
  • Reusable air filter element featuring lifetime warranty
  • NOW 50 State legal emission on 2002-2007 / CARB E.O.#D-418-14
  • Superior durability
  • Superior filtration properties
  • Increased air flow
  • Aggressive look for engine
  • Features "ROUSH" logo
  • Fits 2002-2007 F-250/F-350 6.0L Diesel Super Duty
  • Part #401903

This Ford 6.0L V8 F-250/F-350 Cold Air intake for 2002-2007 Model Years will open up the hidden power and up the fuel economy of your engine. This cold air kit is meant to work with the F250 and F350 6.0L Diesel Super Duty models. The kit features the ROUSH® air filter, air dam, and induction tube.

Cold air induction systems, from ROUSH, use a more efficient air intake method than the standard air filtering process. As a result, ROUSH's cold air kits allow your engine to unleash the latent potential in power and fuel efficiency that is normally restrained by your stock air intake unit.

Air first comes into the Air Dam, which keeps out hot air from the engine compartment. The result is that the air entering the filter is cooler and dense, providing for a more potent air charge.

The ROUSH air filter media is a synthetic nano-fiber material that traps the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze "performance" filters can’t capture. Based on SAE standards, ROUSH air filters capture almost twice the percentage of 2 micron particulates, and more than six times the amount of 0.5 micron particulates than our competitors' filters. Furthermore, ROUSH air filters are constructed using the finest materials available today, featuring a hand-poured urethane body that won’t crack, curl or shrink like other rubber or plastisol units used by our competitors. ROUSH air filtration performance is second to none. This air filter is 100% washable, reusable and features a lifetime warranty. The ROUSH Cool Air Dam surrounds the filter, helping to keep out hot air from the engine, further maximizing performance.

Once air passed through the filter, it is taken to the engine through a Modular Intake Tube (MIT) that can improve airflow up to 400 CFM over the restrictive stock intake tube. Made from cross-linked, high-density polyethylene, the MIT straightens out air flow by providing a smooth, unrestricted path that increases air flow to the engine.

This cold air induction kit includes all the necessary hardware, making it quick and easy to install.

The "ROUSH" logo is also featured on the kit, thereby stamping your truck with the mark of the leader in automotive performance. As a result, this kit not only makes your truck faster, it makes it look faster when you open your hood.

Note: This CAI product has been submitted for EO certification, but is not yet 50 state legal.


Superduty: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002