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8.8" 3.55 Ring Gear and Pinion -- Ford Racing

Product Features

  • No one does 8.8" gears better than Ford Racing with stronger and quieter 3.55 ring gear and pinion
  • The 8.8" rear end has been the standard in performance since its introduction in the Ford Mustang in 1986 and Ford Racing is the manufacturer of choice when the time has come to hop-up your axle
  • Made in the United States at Ford's Sterling Axle Plant (Ford Racing competitors in the same price range are primarily produced in China)
  • OEM Ford quality standards - create superior surface finish, hardening, and manufacturing consistency provide the strongest and quietest 8.8" gears in the market
  • Race Proven - Ford Racing 8.8" gears are the choice of Ford championship road racing and drag racing teams
  • Special Order, Please allow for longer than normal lead times.

Ford Racing 3.55 ring gear and pinion for the 8.8 inch rear end gives your Ford Mustang a quality gear that performs. Ford Racing builds the OEM Ford Factory quality in the Ford Sterling Axle Plant. Having the gears made in the USA creates a consistency of strongest and quietest 3.55 gear.  

For more than a century, Ford vehicles have been competing and winning on the track proof positive that a successful race car is more than a collection of performance parts. It is a complete package of race-grade components that are engineered, developed and tested together to deliver a winning combination. Ford engineers and craftsmen led the development of the special components and vehicles that went on to dominate on the track and street.  

Ford Racing, engineers, craftsmen and many of the best manufacturers in the performance industry collaborate to create and develop the best upgrades for your Ford car or truck. Ford vehicles better than anyone else, which puts Ford Racing in a unique position to help you to realize your car’s performance potential, while maintaining the important balance with the durability, drivability and emissions.  

Whether you are an oval racer, a drag racer, a road racer, an off-roader, a builder, a restorer or an enthusiast who wants more street performance, you are highly valued ROUSH and Ford Racing customer. The entire team at ROUSH and Ford Racing is committed to giving you the very best options for improving your Ford vehicle. 

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