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Gates 8 Rib Heavy Duty Micro-V Serpentine Belt (2020+ Shelby GT500)

The Gates HD Belts are an excellent choice when swapping supercharger pulleys on your new 2020 Shelby GT500. Gates Micro-V Belts feature an exclusive truncated rib profile that makes it more flexible than a conventional V-ribbed belt, especially on extra-high speed, small-diameter sheave drives. Also, the shortened rib profile keeps the multi-ribbed belt from bottoming out in sheaves, helps it tolerate debris in sheave grooves, and reduces heat build-up. The belt is ideally suited for most multi-shaft, serpentine, backside idler and V-flat drives.

2.850" Pulley - 70.23" K080702HD2.750" Pulley - 70.23" K080702HD2.650" Pulley - 69.88" K080700HD2.450" Pulley - 69.38" K080694HD