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Plug & Play FuelMax Dual Pump Fuel Pump Booster - 2020+ Shelby GT500

Increase the output of ANY fuel pump by up to 85%!!
Plug & Play for the 2020 Shelby GT500
Monitors & Enables Voltage Boosting via Accelerator Pedal Position.
Easily support over 1,200rwhp with the stock twin Shelby pumps!
PowerMAX Version 2 upgrades include: New Case Higher Output & More Features!!

-Simple installation: PowerMAX plugs directly into your existing fuel pump driver(s) +12V DC feed wire.
-Compatible with all 12V or 16V battery systems
-Works on 2020 Shelby GT500
-Designed to be enabled via the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (Plug & Play)
-Adjustable Voltage Ramp In / Ramp Out • Choose a Time Ramp or from a monitored 0-5v sensor: Eliminate fuel pressure spikes!!
-Green Status LED: Know at a glance what the unit is doing. 
-Blinking LED = Boosting Voltage
-Enable Voltage Boosting with Ground or via a monitored 0-5v external sensor.
-Each PowerMAX v2 Kit Contains: 44 Amp PowerMAX V2 Voltage Booster Dual Plug & Play Wiring Harness Pedal Harness Installation Kit Set of Instructions