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2008 Chevy Silverado - Life In The Fast Lane - Truck Trend

Posted on February 01 2010

2008 Chevy Silverado - Life In The Fast Lane - Truck Trend

Chevrolet whet the palettes of million of gear heads with the unveiling of their 427 SS Silverado concept truck at the 2006 SEMA show. The stylish sport truck boasted a roaring 7.0L LS7 engine, easily identifiable body styling, 22-inch chrome SS wheels, and an intimidating factory lowered suspension. What's not to love about that impressive lineup? The heavy Bow Tie hauler had everything a truck enthusiast could ever want in an off-the-lot truck except for one minute catch—the 427 SS Silverado never went into production. The truck's absence from the showroom floor was a definite blow to those looking to secure themselves a big hunk of American muscle, but luckily Fastlane, Inc. of Houston, is taking over where GM left off. Fastlane's Nick Field starting receiving some calls asking about performance mods to Chevy's popular fullsize, Nick decided to take Chevy’s concept truck idea and turn into a real tire-roasting ride. The problem was gathering all of the needed parts, buying a donor truck, and getting to the fun stuff. The Fastlane crew pulled it off and what started out as a "what-if?" idea, turned into a Silverado that does everything well, especially go fast.

Nick purchased a new '08 Chevy Silverado and completely gutted the drivetrain. Out of the new crate and into the truck's engine bay went a 7.0L 500 hp V-8 found in a new Corvette ZO6. Adding to the impressive engine's list of vitals is a Callies crankshaft and H beam rods, forged pistons, stainless steel headers, a true cold air intake, and custom computer calibration. Other drivetrain modifications include a fully built tranny, an upgraded driveshaft, and bulletproof rearend. At this point Nick was ready to stock up on more than a few radar detectors and have them all scanning simultaneously with that much available power under the hood. Going fast is vital, however, looking good while getting to your destination is important, so Nick added new life to the Chevy's body.

Fastlane's SS Appearance Package features a 4/6 drop courtesy of DJM upper and lower control arms, and styling cues come in the form of an SS ram air hood, bumper cover, grille, side skirts, tonneau cover, color-matched rear bumper, a custom side exhaust, custom badges and a unique serial number. The rolling attire consists of healthy 22x10-inch chrome SS wheels and sticky Kuhmo 305/40R22 rubber. Stopping the larger rotating mass are 14-inch Baer brakes found on both the front and rear. The appearance package added more form and more function to the Chevy, which certainly has Nick turning heads on the Houston highways.

Of course, there are always additional modifications inside a truck that can make a perfect truck even better. Fastlane's 427 SS also features a Cadillac-styled gauge cluster, upgraded SS badged leather door panels, and leather seat covers with SS stitching. Fastlane's Appearance and Performance packages are no joke for those looking to upgrade their base model Silverado into the sleek, street rocket that has been the envy of the custom truck community for some time now. Anything that looks and acts like a truck, yet still incorporates the street-shredding nature of the Corvette is an instant winner in our book. Fortunately for those who have enough guts to step up to the throttle, Chevy's dream truck is available, even if it isn't officially rolling off of GM’s assembly line. Fastlane's limited edition 427 SS creations have, in fact, been shipped out to a very select number of dealerships, so those looking to score can still do so, but the best method of coming up on a custom-tailored model is to go through Fastlane Inc. directly.

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  • oemwheelplus: December 30, 2018

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  • oemwheelplus: December 30, 2018

    Nice Collection. I also want to share about Cadillac Escalade

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