About Us

Fastlane was founded in 2004 by 2 guys who have been working on cars in Houston since 1993. Rick Ford and Nick Field are part of the “old school” contingent of Fastcar builders that have seen Houston become a Mecca for Big Horsepower enthusiasts. Over the course of 20 plus years this team has seen everything from the first Fox Bodies to Ford GTs. With creations ranging from the 427SS Silverado to the first turbocharged 2010 Camaro, Fastlane has had its fair share of innovations. Some of these creations were featured in Fastlane’s show Gearheads. A customer pulling into the parking lot at Fastlane can be assured of a few things:

1. Customers are our lifeblood and we treat them that way
2. Quality control is more than a catchphrase. We invite you to come by anytime and experience the results.

We are a Roush “Dealer alternative” with same warranty, better service and dyno capabilities...

We appreciate you visiting our website!

Please contact us at (713) 600-8600 or submit your inquiry or requests here. Thank you.