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Fastlane crew visits ROUSH in Detroit

Posted on August 29 2017

Fastlane crew visits ROUSH in Detroit

Fastlane has done initial dyno testing of its Supercharged ROUSH F150 with true Flex-Fuel capability.

Our 2017 was built as a “flex fuel” vehicle but we had not seen any testing of a supercharged version. We have seen an increase of around 50rwhp on E85. We are also testing the calibration for seamless transition between 93 octane pump gas and E85.  This is an exciting development and allows supercharged F150 owners the added power of e85 fuel with the versatility of “pump gas” when e85 is not available. Latest dyno results show 542rwhp with the stock ROUSH pulley. So far we have netted around a 100 rwhp gain with simple bolt-ons and e85 fuel over the as-shipped supercharger package. For those who aren’t familiar with the benefits of “E” or “Corn” as some hot-rodders affectionately call it, it has an octane rating of around 105 and has superior cooling properties compared to gasoline. This translates to a “safer” more powerful fuel that is cheap and easy to find. It does require fuel system upgrades including injectors and pump. 

A 2017 ROUSH Nitemare with Hockey Stripe

The assembly line at ROUSH is impressive. Stock vehicles in- ROUSH 150s and Mustangs out

Rick Ford from Fastlane with Mike Rey from ROUSH look over a ROUSH F150 getting supercharger installed

Suspension install on a F150

Director of Acceleration BJ Villareal with Jack Roush’s personal Ford GT

Gold Rush Rally Car

Ultra Rare ROUSH P51 Mustang


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